A Safe Haven for the Homeless

Mary Ellen’s Hearth, now part of Embrace Alabama Kids, a ministry of UMCH, is a mission helping women and children regain independence.

Through this program, we help families obtain stability through housing, education and one-on-one care. Our ultimate goal is to help them transition to an independent and safe environment where both mothers and their children are able to live out successful, purpose-filled lives. In addition to providing women with resources that empower them to move past the adversity they face, we also help them heal by surrounding them with God’s love. Each resident has a case worker that mentors them through the program, and various individuals and groups provide opportunities for them to encounter God through worship and Bible study.

“In response to God’s Word, we embrace and nurture vulnerable children and families by providing homes, healing, and hope.”

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About Mary Ellen

“Mary Ellen Harrell Bullard lived to serve! She held every lay position imaginable within the United Methodist Church from Director of Christian Education in her local church to Executive Committee of the World Methodist Council. One of her greatest passions was serving women and children through the Nellie Burge Community Center. We are proud to have our current ministry carry her name.”